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The Pathetic world of Political Incorrectness has reached the world of  Bingo… Yes, sad but true, one of the most popular and favorite past times for mostly old farts is under scrutiny by the Pathetic  Political Incorrect Brigade of twats that have nothing better to do than spend their time and even tax payers money looking for anything for them to whinge about.

Bingo halls throughout England have banned #11 = Legs 11 and #88 = 2 fat ladies, because they are scared to be sued!!

The decision to ban ‘two fat ladies’ and ‘legs eleven’ is the brainchild of Sue Brotherwood who  is a clerk in Sudbury Town Council who made the decision when she read in a paper about bingo caller being sued.  It is very sad because it is part of the fun of bingo but unfortunately in today’s society people take it literally.
Interestingly enough, an online bingo petition was started to protest the ban and as of today, of the 3,845 voters, an overwhelming 99% have insisted that the two fat ladies and legs 11 should stay.

Bingo Politically Incorrect

The History of Bingo

The earliest bingo game was not in the form we play in modern times but still had recognisable features. It was played in Italy in the early 16th Century and dates back to 1530. It was a lottery type game called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. It is still played each Saturday by Italians as a State run lottery.
Over 200 years later, in the 1770s, the game found its way to France where the French called it Le Lotto. It was mostly played by the rich and was adapted to include tokens, playing cards as well as numbers.
The game soon reached Germany where in the 1800s the Germans used it to teach children mathematics, history and spelling.
From Germany the game reached the United States of America where it was adapted and given the name Beano. It can be traced back to being played in 1929.

Modern Bingo

The following bingo words and bingo phrases are called Bingo Lingo used by bingo callers when they call out the bingo numbers. They are harmless fun and add a laugh to the bingo night. For example it is traditional for the men to wolf whistle or clunk their drinking glasses when number 11 is called.

Bingo Numbers

Many of the bingo numbers are based on rhyming slang, whilst others are saying of what the number may look like. For example six and seven rhymes with Made In Heaven whilst eighty eight looks like two fat ladies! That may not be politically correct in modern times but is just harmless fun.

Bingo Calling

Sadly due to mordern day Political Incorrectness, bingo calling is a dying art and many bingo callers stay clear of the words and phrases used below and simply call out the numbers and rely on computer displays that display the bingo numbers for the hard of hearing or those who didn’t catch the numbers.

The traditional bingo lingo words and phrases below:

1. Kelly’s Eye
2. One Little Duck
3. Cup of Tea
4. Knock at the Door
5. Man Alive
6. Tom Mix
7. Lucky 7
8. Garden Gate
9. Doctors Orders
10. Tony’s Den
11. Legs Eleven [ banned]
12. One Dozen
13. Unlucky for Some
14]. Valentines Day
15. Young and Keen
16. Sweet Sixteen
17. Dancing Queen
18. Coming of Age
19. Goodbye-Teens
20. One Score
21. Key of the Door
22. Two Little Ducks
23. Thee and Me
24. Two Dozen
25. Duck and Dive
26. Pick and Mix
27. Gateway to Heaven
28. Over Weight
29. Rise and Shine
30. Dirty Gertie
31. Get up and Run
32. Buckle my Shoe
33. Dirty Knee
34. Ask for More
35. Jump and Jive
36. Three Dozen
37. More than Eleven
38. Christmas Cake
39. Steps
40. Naughty Forty
41. Time for Fun
42. Winnie the Pooh
43. Down on your Knees
44. Droopy Drawers
45. Halfway There
46. Up to Tricks
47. Four and Seven
48. Four Dozen
49. PC
50. Half a Century
51. Tweak of the Thumb
52. Danny La Rue
53. Stuck in the Tree
54. Clean the Floor
55. Snakes Alive
56. Was she worth it
57. Heinz Varieties
58. Make them Wait
59. Brighton Line
60. Five Dozen
61. Bakers Bun
62. Turn on the Screw
63. Tickle Me 63
64. Red Raw
65. Old Age Pension
66. Clickety Click
67. Made in Heaven
68. Saving Grace
69. Either Way Up
70. Three Score & Ten
71. Bang on the Drum
72. Six Dozen
73. Queen B
74. Candy Store
75. Strive & Strive
76. Trombones
77. Sunset Strip
78. Heavens Gate
79. One More Time
80. Eight & Blank
81. Stop & Run
82. Straight On Through
83. Time for Tea
84. Seven Dozen
85. Staying Alive
86. Between the Sticks
87. Torquay in Devon
88. Two Fat Ladies [banned]
89. Nearly There
90. Top of the Shop

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