Christmas is coming

When I was a nipper, just knee high to a grasshopper I would really look forward to the Christmas period, and for more than one reason. Of course reason #1 was ‘cos I knew the “fat fella” was gonna squeeze his fat ass down the chimney and leave me some presents. The second reason was because I could earn myself some good swag .. Carol Singing!!

I was the “Guvnor” when it came to Carol Singing, and I would fiercely protect “My Neighborhood”  I would just go from door to door singing about 3 half hearted carols.. The only one I really knew the words to was the “Grand Finale” CHRISTMAS IS COMING, it was slightly adapted by me, time is money, so of course I shortened it a bit.

This is the Song I would PROUDLY sing like a one man army going into battle :


Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat..
Can you please put a penny in the old man’s hat..
If you haven’t got a penny, half a pence will do,
If you haven’t got half a pence, God bless you.

Oooohhh yes, those were the days, NO Politically Correctness in those days, we all better things on our plate.

Today, things are different, kids are no longer allowed by the tax man to “earn” a few smackers, it’s seen as Child Labour.
Sometimes a snotty nosed brat, brings his parents along to make sure he / she is safe come to the door dressed like a pompous twat!!.. and shrieks a few Politically Correct Carols.

It bought tears to my eyes when I heard MY “battle anthem” Christmas is Coming next Gen3rati0n.. Politically Correctly Raped and fcuk3d up the ass!!

Her is the Politically Correct Version of “Christmas is Coming”


The holidays are coming the Goose is getting Enlarged physical condition caused by a completely natural genetically-induced hormone imbalance…
Can you please put a penny in the gerontologically advanced man’s or woman’s hat…
If you haven’t got a penny, half a pence will do,..
If you haven’t got half a pence, Creator of all humankind bless you.



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