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For many people these Politically Correct and Incorrect times can be very daunting, as the the saying goes, “You can’t teach an Old Dog New tricks” but we all have to do our part, and luckily for you, I’m here to help. If you have any questions about the do’s and dont’s, the must’s and must not’s, just ask P@th3tic

Dear P@th3tic

Is it allowed to use the incorrect version of the following lullaby within the sanctity of my own house, as my granddaughter does not find this version stimulating.

Bleat, bleat, creature of non-specific color and species, have you any home-spun fabric? Yes sir or madam, yes sir or madam, enough to share, but not in a communist way. One is for the titled person of non-specific gender, one is for the other titled person of non-specific gender, and one is for the child of non-specific age, height and gender, who co-exists in harmony with the lane, but not in a gay way.
—Wil Anderson, The Glass House (on a reworded ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’)

Please advise, Thank you in advance Tayacmike

Hello Tayacmike.

When it comes to teaching the younger and next generation,  you really must stick to the Politically Correct version. For hundreds of years this nursery rhyme has had massive consequences, both mentally and physically for the “Non Black” sheep, giving the impression that the “Non Black’ sheep either have no wool, or are not willing to share their wool. As I’m sure you understand this is just not acceptable. For years we have been protesting about this “Hate Rhyme” and finally we are slowly but surely seeing progress in the matter… see pic below

Politically Correct Sheep

With Regards, P@thetic