I am just your average “middle of the road” likeable guy. I do pride myself for being very open minded, and go through life with a positive non judgemental attitude. I do not, and have never “Catagorized” anyone by their race, religion, skin color, size of their nose or what they eat in the morning. No matter who you are, your shit smells as much as mine, no more and no less.. yes maybe it’s a different smell, but it still smells.
These past years I’ve been getting more and more irritated by all of this “Politically Incorectness” that seems to be the in thing!!.. I am sick and tired of not being able to say Merry Christmas because I should say Happy Holiday!!.. I’m sick and tired of being frowned at because I say “Black Guy” ( and I’m sorry, ‘cos I don’t know what the “flavour of the month” is, last month it was “African American” but that changes on a monthly basis)
The Garbage Man is now a Sanitation Engineer, the Homeless Guy is now an outdoor urban dweller,  Old People became Elderly which was also not correct and is now Senior Citizens, and you can no longer say “Bill is Unemployed” the correct way is now “Bill is Involuntarily leisured”. And the list goes on and on!!

I am sick and tired of constantly being told “Ooohh you can’t say that, that is Politically Incorrect” I am not out to insult anyone or to hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m just blogging about the things that I MYSELF find ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. If you have an issue with my rantings, there is a simple solution, if you look at the top right hand corner of your PC / Laptop, you will notice a small red box with a cross in it,.. Go ahead and click on it!!… For everyone else, that is hanging on to the thin thread of Politically tolerated sense of humor, I hope you enjoy my rantings, and support me by posting comments.

Politically Correct